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IEIIT Torino - History

The IEIIT Torino site originated from the Istituto di Ricerca sull'Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni e dell'Informazione (IRITI) that was founded on April 16th, 1999 from the merge of three former research centers, all focused on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area:

  • CENS (research center on digital signal processing), established jointly by CNR and Politecnico di Torino in 1970. CENS studies were oriented to the real-time processing of signals, in general, and to the automatic recognition and synthesis of speech in particular. Researches were also carried out in the areas of computer architectures, CAD systems for the design of electronic circuits, modeling, identification and control of complex systems.
  • CESPA (research center on propagation and antennas) established in 1970 by CNR and Politecnico di Torino as an evolution of the second department of the research center on electronic and telecommunications. CESPA was active in the applied electromagnetic area. Studies mainly focused on microwaves and millimeter waves and several topics were investigated, ranging from radiations problems to components and systems. Researches were also developed in the optical field and concerned the electromagnetic simulation of optical devices and the analysis of the optical characteristics of materials.
  • CSTV (research center on television) established in 1949 in the framework of an agreement between CNR and the National Electrotechnical Institute Galileo Ferraris. The research activity of CSTV was initially devoted to the study of transmission and receiving techniques of the analogical video signal and to standardization activities in this field. With the advent of digital signal processing techniques the activity was directed to two specific fields: television signal coding and image processing. In the field of coding it is worthy of mention the participation to the SIRIO project, the first European experiment of digital video-signal transmission. In the field of image processing the activity was mainly devoted to feature segmentation, measure, and recognition for applications in biomedical and industrial field.