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IEIIT Milano - History

The Milano unit was born from the merging of two former CNR research centres:

  • CSTS (Centre on Spatial Telecommunications Studies) established jointly by CNR and Politecnico di Milano in 1971.
  • CeSTIA (Centre on Information and Automation Technologies) established in 1997 jointly by CNR and Politecnico di Milano by merging a section of the former Centre on Systems Theory with the former Centre for Information Engineering.

CSTS focused its research activities in the area of propagation and satellite systems, including large international measurement campaigns carried out at the experimental station located in Spino d'Adda, as the ones with the satellites SIRIO in 1977-1984, OLYMPUS in 1990-1992, and ITALSAT in 1993-2002, and in the area of signal processing, digital transmission, radar and radiometric measurements.

CeSTIA focused its activities on various areas of computer science and control engineering, obtaining significant results in many fields such as architectures and systems for information processing, database and computer networks, language and software engineering, system identification and controls, simulation and industrial automation, environmental and decision support, public transport, information and communication technologies for life.